Database Design

Your data is the most valuable product of your business activities. How it is contained, how it is secured, how it is formatted and how it is accessed are all parts of the design of your database.

Database Normalization

Database Normalization is the process of organizing your data into a relational database to reduce redundancy (i.e. duplicated information across tables in the database). Whether your database is in first or second normal form it can and usually should be refactored into 3rd Normal form. This allows updates to be made in one table only to affect the entire database management system.

Database Clean-up

Also known as database cleansing, database clean-up can be as simple as changing uppercase to lower where needed and spell-checking, to refactoring the data types to fit the data in each column and even removing orphaned rows.

One challenge of businesses with older custom built systems is a poorly designed database. Another frequent issue is that an older database contains add-on fields (not originally planned for) and tables that were not properly formatted and certainly not included any type of normalization exercise. You may even have a lot of personal identifying information (PII) and would like it removed or encrypted. We understand data and how to get it into top working shape. We can even clean-up data and migrate it to an entirely new database.

Let us know if you have data in a spreadsheet, MS Access Database, DB2, dBase, online database, MS SQL, etc. that you need help cleaning or converting.